Jeremy Norton Illustrator

I am an artist and illustrator working digitally. And I've been living and working in Barcelona for 13 years. I have many years experience in the world of commercial illustration with an intimate knowledge of the creative process in publishing.

My work reflects my experience of being a child growing up.  The essence of what I do is in the mood and emotion; of joy, adventure and discovery - Universal feelings that most people share when they’re young. I want to portray that sense of wonder in the world.

The mediterranean light suffuses my pictures. Colour and light have always been my great loves but it has been pushed to the forefront since living here. I am influenced by great stories, illustration and animation, both classic Disney and modern 3D movies, classic 20th century photography and films.

My plans for the future include both writing and illustrating for children’s books, concept illustration for TV and film and returning to canvas for my fine art work.      

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